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Today, we take this all for granted.  From our Mechanical to our kitchen equipment to our toys, talented industrial designers are behind so many of the objects which make up our daily lives. We're surrounded by them. In a world of mass-produced items, it's important to get the right design.

Industrial design is an important component of all new product development projects. Just as a product designer needs to always consider how the end user will interact with the product, they must always design with an eye towards the manufacturing process. A talented industrial designer combines innovative design skills with knowledge of production materials and a deep understanding of manufacturing technologies. Design errors can easily lead to unforeseen problems in manufacturing, which can end up being extremely costly. Manufacturing is always a major cost when bringing a product to market. These costs can go up significantly due to poor design choices early on. The best way to avoid these nasty cost overruns is to work with experienced, talented, and reliable product development specialists.

Producing quality products optimized for industrial manufacturing means working with top-quality designers. Design Edge Technologies gives you pre-qualified, industry-leading designers with a proven track record of successful work.

We offer a full range of industrial product designer for any project. With the complexity and competitiveness of modern industries, product design has never been so challenging. Having an experienced designers and engineers behind you is essential for the production of a new, innovative and successful product. Our Network includes designers and modellers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and Communication Engineers, making Design Edge Technologies a powerful alternative to conventional design Companies.

A Complete Range of Staffing Solutions

Design Edge technologies is ready to work with you through every phase of the design cycle. From conceptualization to initial design to prototyping, we've got the expertise you need in the early stages of product development. With 3D modelling and virtual analysis technologies, our CAD experts are prepared to help you transform your idea into a product remotely and get you ready for manufacturing.

Get an estimate today, and connect with the best designers.

We've reinvented product design and development services by creating a global network of experienced designers, engineers, and manufacturers that can work with you to complete any phase of the new product design and development process. Our flexible services are completely tailored to satisfy the demands of your specific project, budget, and timeline. We work with both corporate clients and individual clients and can develop your product from a concept or a sketch to full production. You can take advantage of our CAD professionals to hire the help you need when you need it, whether it's bringing on an extra set of hands to help meet a rush deadline or taking advantage of one our many design services to supplement your own company's capacities.

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